A Year of Change - Reflection on My Website's Architecture Update


I bought the domain developersam.com in February 2015 and officially started my own website. Before that, I hosted my website on the free tk domain, but I decided to remove that kind of sketchiness when I received my first scholarship. The website is poorly maintained, received no update for almost a year since it's published. After I was admitted to Cornell in December 2016, I started to update my website more often, but still not as frequent as I would do right now. In a quite slow progress, the website finally got to an acceptable shape at the end of July last year.

Function Reference in SAMPL - A Design Mistake and the Fix


In most functional programming languages, a function IS a value. Therefore, it can be easily passed as a parameter for a function. For example, this is legal in OCaml:

let f (i: int): float = float_of_int i
let test (f: 'a -> 'b) (a: 'a) : 'b = f a
let ( * ) = test f 3

Even for Javascript, this can be done easily:

function f(s) {
  return parseInt(s);

function test(f, a) {
  return f(a);

const ignoreMe = test(f, '3');

Design Choice of SAMPL - Written After the First Alpha Release


Starting from May 21, after I finished the algo final at Cornell, I started to develop my own programming language SAMPL. I decide to design a new language for a while, because I was frustrated by the ugliness of OCaml's namespace but miss its nice functional features. The exact name of the language was not chosen with much deliberation: I just want the name to contain a substring SAM.

Project DEFCON 1: A Confidential Data Storage System


This short article is devoted to describe a data storage system that ensures data confidentiality even if you are interrogated under torture. I personally call the system Project DEFCON 1.

The system, with an option to switch on and off, lies behind the usual login feature as a second-step authenticator. Since it dramatically increased the complexity of login process, it is recommended to switch it on only when you feel imminent threat, as suggested by the name 'DEFCON 1'.

Nerd Pride

On the evening of December 8, 2016, exactly on 5:01 PM in Eastern Standard Time, the photons of Cornell Engineering acceptance letter struck my eyes. For me, it was a confirmation, a confirmation for an unexpected success of a rebellion.

Welcome to My Blog!

This is the zeroth post in my blog. Since the content of the post might change when I migrate the blog from one place to another, I choose to set the time to be 1970-01-01.

It is a Hello World post, but I will also use this post to test various features of Docusaurus.