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My Decade in Review

January 7, 2020

Following the lead of React and JavaScript god Dan Abramov, I decided to also publish my decade in review blog post.

I want to clarify that I intend to present the following content as plain facts. I will talk about the facts that certain events happened, and the facts that I thought and reacted to certain events in certain ways. You should treat them as a totally ordered set of boring logs rather than definitive guidance to something.

(To be friendlier to not-so-technical readers, I italicized all the technical jokes that are not essential to understand the story.)

Move Fast with Automation Powered Monorepo

August 24, 2019

In the last article The Road to Better Engineering, I promised that there will be a new post about my recent website re-architecturing effort. In the past week, I am working to gradually transform the website monorepo into a repository with latest technologies and reliable automation. At the time of writing this article, the transformation is complete and the repository has reached a state that I am mostly satisfied with.

Computer Science in High Schools

December 31, 2018

This year, I got an intern with a resume that did not mention my high school’s CS project with a single word. Therefore, at this point, either success or failure in my high school CS career does not matter at all, so I can honestly reflect on it. I reviewed again all my computer science related records and writings to ensure the content in this article is as accurate as possible. I hope it still helps.

Automation! Migration to CI/CD System for My Open-Source Projects

August 11, 2018

Badges: Article Good Style Good Examples Good :)

GitHub badges look good. Having them in GitHub README is an indication of a good open source project. In the last blog post, I talked about how I containerized my website. In this post, I will describe how I setup CI/CD for my open source projects.